About Me

My name is Justin Bronzell, and I love to travel. Sights you’ve never seen, experiences you’ve never had, lives you’ve never lived, I love it all. So when I realized that I could combine my love for travel with my love and talent for writing, I was excited.

My love for travel has always been mostly focused on space. Space, being the final frontier, naturally trumped all other destinations when it came to my vacation wish-list. I spent most of my life, from third grade to Sophomore year of college, studying Astronomy because of how much space fascinated me. While I was in college, the amazing trips I took with my friends and family started to make me rethink some of the decisions I had made about my life. I spent the Summer between Sophomore and Junior year thinking about my goals and aspirations, about the things I wanted to get out of life, and what I’d like to leave at the eventual end. I realized that though I deeply adored the Universe and all of it’s fascinating facets, a career in Astronomy as a researcher was not what I wanted to do. What I did want to do, however, was to experience what the world had to offer me, interact with people around the globe, and share my experiences with others who might find them valuable.

When I’m not off tempting fate somewhere in the vast wilderness of Earth, I’m most likely either working on other writing projects (one day I’ll finish that novel…), enjoying good drink and good company with friends and family, or working another job.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and to get to know me better. As life and the world provide me a plethora of amazing memories and experiences, I hope that reading this blog can provide you with at least one. Thank you.